The world before the Madness was a world of asphalt and concrete. Roads connected everything and everyone and cars were ubiquitous. Few have the means and the resources to maintain functioning automotive vehicles anymore, or the stockpiles of fuel necessary to run them, but the tribe known as the Toll do.

Although the I-5 bridge over the Montlake Cut collapsed, effectively cutting off Lake Union from Lake Washington, and severing road links from Seattle’s heartland to the University and other northern neighborhoods, the Five running south from the bridge is still relatively intact. This arterial continues to be a major transport route between and amongst the Seattle tribes and the tribes to the south. The Toll have occupied and fortified the Freeway Park Tunnel, using it as a massive garage for their vehicles, and charging a steep but not unreasonable toll for anyone who seeks to pass through their fortress. Going around isn’t so easy, as the Toll has fortified and occupied Freeway Park as well, forcing would be toll avoiders to pass through cluttered surface streets between the Spires or other inconveniences.

The Toll is significantly less for people wishing to pass through the tunnel on foot or with simple carts. Anyone driving an automobile, however, can expect to pay a toll in fuel or other useful tools or parts.

The Toll does more than tax travelers. They also transport goods for those who can pay, and even do a bit of merchanting all on their own. They’re the reasonable (and usually preferred) rivals to the King’s Gang in both power and resources.


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