Mercer Enclave

The Mercer Enclave isn’t so much a single tribe as an isolated community of tribes. They long ago demolished the concrete highway that connected Mercer Island to the mainland. They are primarily a farming community who zealously defend their shores from interlopers and thieves.

They engage in regular trade with the tribes of Seattle, loading their boats with goods, primarily food, and setting up impromptu markets on beaches of what was once Seward Park. They always keep a wary eye out for violent sorts, however, and if weapons come out, the envoys of the Mercer Enclave rapidly retreat to their boats and do not return for some time.

The threat of driving away this valuable source of fresh food keeps their markets reasonably civil. Even the King’s Gang tends to be reasonable when shopping at one of these markets.

They do not talk about how they’re organized. They reveal little about themselves. Pike’s Watch and the Engineers constantly attempt to get the merchants from the enclave to commit to sending men to their respective organizations, arguing perhaps correctly that without those two forces, the Esoterics would spill into Lake Washington, threatening the Enclave. Thus far, the Enclave has been deaf to all such entreaties for recruits.

Mercer Enclave

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