Specialist Roxanne Beckett


Beckett is of average height and weight, lean and muscular like someone who trains specifically to keep her body in prime condition. One thing that stands out about the blonde, grey eyed military specialist is how healthy she is. This is obviously someone who has not been ravaged by the hard life of others in Mount Safeco. Her eyes are clear and bright, she has all of her own teeth, all of her limbs and digits, and isn’t obviously scarred. All of her clothes and military gear are in new condition, not faded, not damaged, all pieces matching each other. Just where did she materialize from that allowed her such luxuries?


Specialist Beckett seems to have appeared out of pretty much thin air along with one other team mate who’s mind seems to have been completely shattered.

Who are the others that Beckett needs to return to report to? What red, dry, strange world did she come from? When in time did she come from? Was it really the Russians that brought an end to the world as it was known before? Why were people sent here, and was Seattle really where they meant to come out?

Even Beckett herself doesn’t seem to have the answers to these questions…

Specialist Roxanne Beckett

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