The Maestro'D


Silver is an older person, though it is hard to tell exactly how old – androgynous and ambiguous in a lot of ways. From time to time, she seems to recall things from the World Before, she will make mentions here and there in conversation. She tends to wear a mishmash of vintage gothware, some of it corsets and BDSM wear but it looks something like she’s pulled together from a hardcore level of scrounging. It is as if she ended up taking the racks of a gothic clothing store with her at the end of the World Before. Running the Supper Club seems to be something she enjoys, taking care of her people is high among the things she seems to enjoy as well as watching the social swirls that slide through the club. Though, undoubtedly, Silver has had multiple lovers and has hired many companions for her club, no one seems to mention ever having been one.



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