The Driver


Firestone is a young man in his early to mid twenties of average height, average build, average looks. What isn’t average on him is the vast amount of scars all over his body from being shot at, stabbed, burned. He may not be that old, but he’s lived life hard if the scars are any indication.

He doesn’t seem to have a favored style of dress although lately he’s taken to wearing a battered leather biker jacket. Half of it looks like it’s been torn up by shrapnel and really isn’t that useful for it’s original purpose but Firestone still insists on always wearing it. Something about showing who’s Alpha Male.


Not a whole lot is known about Firestone before he came to Mount Safeco. Someone taught him cars, that much is obvious. He doesn’t really talk about his past or his family although he’s hinted that his family isn’t around anymore. He hasn’t said if that means they’re dead or just not talking to him anymore.

Somewhere before coming to Mount Safeco he and Rhyme met each other. He’s formed a strong attachment to the young girl, even going so far as to call her his family, even if not by blood.

At some point in previous years he tried to join up with one of the bigger, rougher gangs running around the area but ended up pretty much being laughed out of their presence. Still sore about that rejection he instead took his armored tank and his skills as a driver to Mount Safeco instead, where he found a warm, safe place to sleep, a place to work on his cars, decent food to eat and someone to patch him back together when his adventures go wrong, as they often do. He sometimes grumbles and carries on a bit but overall seems content to stay where he is.

Inside Mount Safeco he had a brief relationship with Fleece which ended poorly after he blew her off and just generally treated her like a dirtbag boyfriend. It stopped him up short though when she dumped him, partly because he wasn’t used to that sort of rejection, partly because…well…maybe having someone caring about him wasn’t a totally terrible thing. He hasn’t come out and said it, but he’s been subtly trying to get her positive attentions again.

His relationship with Silver is a bit of a slippery slope – he knows he can get help from her, but at what cost? At the rate he’s going Silver will end up owning him before all is finished.

Also to be noted he’s picked up a pair of young mechanics who help keep his cars in shape, as well as a gang of bikers who he has to constantly fight with to stay in control of, give their rabble-rousing nature.

Overall, Firestone is not the brightest of guys. He’s not well educated and he rarely stops to thing anything through before he does it. He swaggers and blusters and tends to either be enthusiastically happy or furiously shouting obscenities. He dislikes having his flaws pointed out to him and this results in him tending to react angrily. At his core though most of the things he does come from the right place – he just goes about doing them all wrong. His loyalties are hard to win, but those that gain them will have a fiercely protective, stubborn friend up until death.


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