Mizz Stockton

Hardholder of Mount Safeco


Born in 1960, Cynthia Stockton grew up among her parents’ hippie friends. Instilled with a love of nature at an early age, she bent her mind toward the natural sciences as soon as she could understand them. When she was 18, she joined the Peace Corps and helped develop agricultural land in Africa. In 1981, she began attending the University of Washington with the intent to get a degree in Forestry. Unfortunately, the events of 1984 curtailed any plans for further degree study.

Cynthia remembers the World Before through rose-colored glasses. She remembers young people rallying for world peace, marches for civil rights, women’s suffrage, the rise of environmentalism, and that “All You Need Is Love”. But her dreams are filled with visions of war—vaporous jungles filled with blood-thirsty monsters, crumbling urban labyrinths dominated by ever-watching eyes, a nuclear desert ruled by a burning wind. So she clings to her memories and tries to fashion a communal society where she hopes a kinder world could be born someday.

Mizz Stockton

The Coldest War Kraken