The Cygnet Committee

The Cygnet Committee is the name Rhyme has given to her followers, those civilians of the wastelands of Seattle who have been drawn by the teachings of the Action Man. They’re not really combatants, but they occasionally have good advice for their chosen prophetess, and regularly spur her on to greater heights in the Action Man’s service. They’re also regularly seen about Bartertown and the soup line, spreading the good word.

The Cygnet Committee holds a meeting every five days, to discuss and debate the visions Rhyme passes down, and to teach newcomers the ways of the Action Man. Nobody is turned away from these meetings – and anyone who follows the Agreements of Mt Safeco is welcome to stay for the duration. Those who seek a permanent place in the Cygnet Committee, however, must agree to the Refrains of the Free People of the Cygnet Committee:

  • I believe in the power of love. I will show love to all people.
  • I believe in the fight for right. All good things must be earned.
  • I will turn, and face the strange. Only by facing it can we understand it.
  • I will not eat people. Eating people is disrespectful.
  • I will be a champion of truth and justice.
  • I will spread the message of the Action Man. I’m happy. Hope you’re happy, too.

The Cygnet Committee is definitely not a cult. Just ask them.

The Rocket Men are the more martial arm of Rhyme’s followers; former gang members of the King’s Gang recruited by Rhyme’s stirring oratory. The Rocket Men are somewhat savage, but Rhyme is very patiently attempting to teach them in the ways of the Action Man. She has adopted a somewhat simpler set of rules for them:

  • I will keep my promises.
  • I will not eat people.
  • I will be a champion of truth and justice.

The last two rules have been a point of some contention among the Rocket Men, particularly since none of them seem to understand what the words ‘champion’ and ‘justice’ mean.

The Cygnet Committee

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