The Rules for Apocalypse World are fairly straight-forward, and require few tweaks.

  • The Barter Peripheral Moves are in play. The Optional Battle Moves may situationally enter play.
  • Experience is not gained by rolling “highlighted stats.” Instead, you mark experience whenever you roll a 6- on any Move except the Harm Move.
  • When your Hx with a character goes to +4 and you reset it to +1, have that character’s player tell you a secret about their character, a habit, or what they think about something you care about.

The new Experience rule is to make advancement a bit less arbitrary while continuing to reward risk-taking and excitement. Now you get something even if you fail on a roll. Consider it “learning from your mistakes.”

The “learn a secret” rule is to make advancing your “History” with someone to +4 actually mean something other than an experience point.


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