Mt Safeco

Mt safeco1 Mount Safeco is a skyscraper complex completed in 1975 in the University District of Seattle, Washington. The 99 m (325 ft), 22-story tower, designed by NBBJ, is Seattle’s tallest building outside of the Downtown Seattle area.

The building remains the tallest building in the area surrounding the University.

The uppermost levels are comprised of a complex network of rain catches, gardens, and recycling centers.

The highest level below the gardens belongs to Ms. Stockton.

The plaza level is inhabited by the Have Rats, the gang loyal to Mt. Safeco and Ms. Stockton.

The first level houses the Bartertown market commons, a bustling marketplace open to anyone willing to make a fair deal.

Several levels up is The Supper Club, run by Silver.

The parking garage is home to Firestone and his Team Badass

The Agreements for Citizenship at Mt. Safeco

Your Word is Your Bond
Speak the truth. Say only what you mean.

Don’t Make Assumptions
Communicate with others as clearly as you can. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want.

Always Do Your Best
Under any circumstance, simply do your best.

The Laws of the Bartertown Market

No Violence
Not for any reason. Not by any one.

No False Advertising
Merchants will advertise their wares with honesty.

You Get What’s Advertised
Buyers should be knowledgeable of what they purchase.

Honor Your Deals
A complete transaction is a finished transaction.

Speech is Free
Speech is always free.


The Have Rats

Known to be a well-disciplined pack of fucking hyenas with a sophisticated and extensive armory

Gangleader: Fleece
Lieutenant: Mice
Size: Medium
Harm: 4
Armor: 3
Want: Savagery

Holding Stats


  • 75-150 people


  • A mix of hunting, crude farming, and scavenging
  • Manufactory
  • Bustling, widely-known market commons


  • Obligation
  • Idle

Mt Safeco

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