The Ringmistress

She runs the Arena; grudge matches, tournaments, bets, and all.


The Baneful Beauty

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages: let’s get ready to rumble!”
The Ringmistress’ captivating charisma only fuels the rumor that she is the daughter of The Entertainer. Born after the Madness, she has lived at Mt. Safeco for as long as anyone can remember and has been a fixture in the Arena since its inception. It is said that she fought her way up to her current position, and anyone who’s seen her break up a violent free for all with her bare fists doesn’t doubt the story.


The Wedge

Magnolia was born in 1986 to Cynthia Stockton and James Roberts in the shelter of the tunnels that run underneath the old University. The young couple were firm in their belief in a nurturant parenting style that allowed Magnolia to learn about the world as motivated by her natural curiosity. This parenting style was more permissive than many of the older Academics were willing to tolerate. Cynthia and James on the other hand were not willing to force their child to study an obsolete subject if it did not interest her or have any relevance to the new world. Ultimately, it was one of many differences that caused Mount Safeco and its Regents to split from the Academics.

The Family

Magnolia doesn’t remember much about the Suzzallo Palace and doesn’t really care to. She grew up in Mount Safeco under the watchful eye of her parents and the guidance of older men and women, many of whom would become known as The Regents. After witnessing a particularly brutal and bloody fight between competing factions in the tower, she suggested setting aside a time and place where such violence could be indulged, much like the Roman Colosseum games she had read about. Cynthia was at first hesitant to legitimize violence of any kind, but eventually capitulated to the idea. At first, The Entertainer was the face of the Arena, but he gradually stepped back from the spotlight as the young girl grew into the role of The Ringmistress.

The Ringmistress

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