The girl with a killer smile.


Hard and streamlined, just like the high-caliber bullets she favors, her wiry body meshes the vivaciousness of youth with a world-weary wisdom into a dangerous allure. The revealing clothes she favors expose scars that proclaim “survivor” rather than advertising “victim”. Many have made the mistake of falling in love with her, but she doesn’t know what that means. She only knows the skeletons of things that were, the crumbling roads, and the twisted landscapes sculpted by the black rains.



Sunny was born on one of the few days in the year when there was no ash fall and no black rain. Her mother would tell her that the clouds even parted and sunlight graced the land, shining like a hundred candles at once. Thus, her name.

She remembers travelling with The Caravan and that, when she was a child, there must have been at least four full hands of people. The early years were cold years. Ash and snow were indistinguishable when they fell, but snow would melt into bad water and ash would sting the eyes and throat. They moved constantly “to the South,” the elders would say. “South is warmth and health.” But one by one, the elders died, and soon no one remembered or knew exactly why they had to go south. The Caravan dwindled until she alone set forth into the wilderness from the fortress holding called Buchanan Tower where her remaining companions decided to settle.

Now, with only an ancient artifact as her guide, she continues journeying south. She doesn’t know what she’ll find, or how long it will take her, or really what she’s looking for, but she made a promise to her mother to continue looking for a better life in the south.


Big shotgun with AP ammo
Chain with blades
“City of Angels” keychain charm


The Coldest War Kraken