Old Nemesis of Mizz Stockton's


An aging man, living rough in the wastes, Rolfball walks with a limp, but few dare his powerful sawed-off or his crazed stare.


The man now known as Rolfball was once one of the Regents. He was an academic sports-coach before the Madness struck, and when he joined Cynthia Stockton and the rest in splitting from the Academics, he took the title “The Sportsman.” He tried to keep the notion of competitive sports alive, and in fact some of his influence may have gone into what eventually became Mount Safeco’s arena. He eventually got fed up, however, with the direction Mizz Stockton was taking things. Deriding her philosophy as a bunch of hippy bullshit, he attempted a coup by force and failed.

Cast out into the wastes, he has harbored a burning desire for revenge ever since.


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