Tall brooding man with guns... a lot of guns.


Navarre has been somewhat local for … a long time. As long as he remembers anyway. He’s wandered a lot to the north and to the south but he always comes back here. There are a lot of tall buildings here to see into the distance. He’s always liked seeing distances though he liked that much more once he learned to shoot across them. The area has always yielded what he’s needed to bet by and, well, explosions. There are a lot of military resources in the area to find things that will explode.

His journeys have taken him over the mountains and through the arch to the north. To the south, he was stopped at the great river and headed back. He has no no family, no really, Puck, we’re not related, go away you stupid kid. He’s a loner, drifting where ever the winds take him… Sort of. Except he comes back home.


The Coldest War Lithera