Dog Face

Teenage Scavenger, Brother to Enough


Dog-Face and Enough are the children of a scavenger who recently died. They came to the attention of Firestone by their sheer tenacity and grit when fighting in Mount Safeco’s arena against one another for the right to their father’s possessions. Once they recovered mostly from their wounds, Firestone recruited them into Team Badass… provisionally.

On their first mission in the company of Team Badass, Dog-Face made an ill-advised bid for leadership of the gang by attacking Firestone with his own machine gun during a moment of perceived weakness. He got his throat slashed by Silver for his trouble (but survived thanks to Cass). He and his sister were left behind while the others continued their mission.

When Team Badass and the Have Rats eventually returned for them, they discovered that the two had been lured into shelter by a strange magenta-flowered creeper vine which had taken over their minds. Mizz Stockton, Firestone, and their respective gangs had to put the two kids out of their misery.

Dog Face

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