Creepy, Androgynous Hoarder


Carver is covered in awful scars to the point where it’s hard to tell what gender it might have once been. Most people’s best guess is that Carver was once a “she”


Carver has a… complicated history with Mizz Stockton. “Her” parents were once Academics at the University of Washington. Whatever mysterious incident resulted in Mizz Carver departing that institution brought Carver’s parents along. Carver’s parents have, in recent years, however, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Carver continues to talk as if they’re around, however.

Carver is known to have a secret hoard of painstakingly collected objects. While much of it is trash, “she” does occasionally surprise people by having just the thing they need. Of course, she also claims her hoard talks to her, and demands any item her avaricious eye happens to fall upon…

Carver fell out of common circulation for a while and few thought to ask what had become of her. She had been changing, getting even stranger. Recently she was caught trying to murder members of the Regents, presumably so her parents could “reunite with their old friends.” She is currently in custody pending trial.


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